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Project | 01

Framing Paid Parental Leave Policy

Some legal scholars have argued that promoting paid parental leave policy by emphasizing women’s role as mothers actually hinders such a policy from being implemented. To test this idea, I conducted an experiment to determine policy support for a proposed a national paid parental leave policy. Using a 2x3 experimental design, participants were exposed to a condition that manipulated the language regarding who benefits from the policy and who pays for the policy. Based on my results, I am able to add some empirical legitimacy to the work of legal scholars who claim that the current way of framing paid parental leave policy is not influential in the ways desired and may actually hinder the potential adoption of such a policy.

Project | 02       iCitizen

Civic engagement is often preached but not practiced in American government classrooms. Using the pedagogical practice of signature assignments, this project seeks to broaden the reach of activity and reflection that students engage in during introductory level American government coursework so as to provide both substantive knowledge and practical experience. 

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